Hopetoun Tea Rooms: The Cafe form of a Gold Digger

While I was in Melbourne, the Hopetoun Tea Room was an eye catching cafe with bright green floral brocade wallpaper, high ceilings and a colourful landscape of pastries and cakes in their front window. I was delighted by the decor but that's where my positive feelings end.

The Hopetoun Tea Rooms Interior: Could pass as the Slytherin Common Room

My boyfriend and I were seated and I found it to be rather cramped. We were only handed a drinks menu which featured the usual coffees and juices and a large list of different teas which could have easily rivaled T2. I ordered Buddha's Tears which was an "Oolong tea with hints of peach". The tea was very nice for the first cup then became very bitter after that.

Something that I was surprised about was that there were no prices included on the menu. But surely, tea would only be around $4 right? Wrong. One tea pot with two cups was an outrageous $12. 

We then asked the waitress what desserts and macarons were available. She had to run to the front to recite the list back to us which was not very impressive as she missed all the tarts which I only knew existed when I walked out of the cafe.

We ordered the Raspberry and Pistachio Macarons. I also wanted to try some cake so we ordered the Chocolate Mousse Cake. The macarons were so brightly coloured that I detected a FCOD - Food Colouring Overdose. The flavour matched the colour and proved to taste very artificial. The cake was nothing special but was presented nicely.

Buddha's Tears Tea $12, Chocolate Mousse Cake $10, Raspberry + Pistachio tart $3 each: Not Worth It

Overall, I was very disappointed by the Hopetoun Tea Rooms. I would not recommend the place to my friends.
Rating: 2/10

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