PappaRich QV: Mouth-Watering Malaysian

It was our last night in Melbourne and our wallets were feeling a lot lighter so we decided to opt for a restaurant with more value. When we walked past Pappa Rich we were amazed by the hustle and bustle of the diners there on a Tuesday night so we figured that if the locals like it, it must be worth a try! A quick look at the menu in the front confirmed our decision to eat here as they tantalised us with their huge plates of food averaging around $12.

 We were seated at the booth before a waiter instructed us that we write our menu items on a slip of paper which the waiter will collect once we press a button on the table. I thought this would be limiting our diner-waiter interaction but our waiter was very friendly and patient nonetheless. I ordered the Milk Tea because I love the flavour and froth of Malaysian milk tea. It was the perfect sweetness, the froth was lickable and definitely did not disappoint which they probably knew because I ordered another one halfway through dinner. 10/10 !

Milk Tea $3.50: Frothy and Sweet
My boyfriend ordered the Barley drink with Grass Jelly which he really enjoyed but it's not my cup of tea (pardon the pun).

Barley $4: Apparently delicious

For our mains we ordered the Char Kway Teow which came to our table only 3-5 minutes after we ordered. The prawn was juicy and mildly spicy and a great texture. There was the classic smokey flavour which my boyfriend informs me is the "Wok flavour". The noodles were not dry and the serving was quite big. 7/10

Char Kway Teow $11.50: There's Pappa Rich on the napkin

We also ordered Red Chicken and Sambal Prawns which came with Pappadum and rice, I really liked this dish because the prawns and chicken were mildly spicy and had a touch of sweetness. The sauce from the chicken was delicious with the pappadum which was wonderfully crispy. This dish is great value! 8/10

Red Chicken and Sambal Prawns $11.50: Look at those big juicy prawns!

Overall, my experience at Pappa Rich was fantastic and we walked out feeling very full.I would definitely return and might even take my family to the Chatswood one in Sydney.
Rating: 8/10
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