The Hardware Societe: The Talk of The Town

Before I went down to Melbourne I received a recommendation to try The Hardware Societe. To me, it sounded like a fan club of Bunnings Warehouse. Oh silly me. What I encountered was a great place to enjoy breakfast.

We were seated in the corner on a narrow table,  in front of a mirror and facing a wall. It was quite busy so we felt like we were in a rush hour market. My back often was nudged by the other customer seated closely behind me which was a little unsettling but the service was great and they really took care of us despite the mad morning rush.

Cooking busily to feed hungry patrons

I ordered my usual - Skinny Cap, which was delicious and it came with a small cinnamon sugar coated donut-like ball which was a loving touch.

Skinny Cap + Complimentary Biscuit $4: Fuel
After reading a few reviews I knew I wanted to try the egg dishes so I ordered the Mushrooms which consisted of Field Mushrooms, roasted leeks, goats chevre and fried eggs. I was expecting wee little mushrooms but out came two giant mushrooms which were a great texture! Not too soft or watery. The eggs were well cooked and the pesto on top was so good I was searching for more around the plate the whole time.
Mushrooms $18: Yummy! (Check out my smiley stockings under the table)
My boyfriend ordered the Fried Eggs which had lemon and roast tomato tostada, el triagal manchego ewes, milk cheese and rocket. It came as this impressive stack and I enjoyed a few bites of it. It was an interesting combo with great fresh flavours.

Fried Eggs $18: That yolk is mesmerising

I loved the general atmosphere of the place, I mean look at the adorable salt and sugar jars. Daww

Overall, I enjoyed my time at the Hardware Societe. It was pricey but its not out of place in the high end breakfast cafes in Melbourne. I think it's reputation is well deserved and I would recommend it to others in Melbourne.

Rating: 7.5/10

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