Masterchef Food Truck: Meals and Deals on Wheels

The Masterchef Food Eat Art Truck was paying a visit to my university, much to everyone's delight. On the menu were Maple Syrup Glazed Hot Dog, Pulled Pork Bun, Vern's Challenge burger, Fries and the dessert option was Chocolate Mousse. Luckily for us, we received a 50% off student discount, so all the prices I've listed has this discount applied.

Food sent from the heavens to save us from boring uni food
 There was a mad rush to the lines with the queue stretching back quite a distance. We waited patiently for over an hour to move 20m. The smoke and smells of the food just made us want more and we were hoping the wait was worth the taste.

Good things come to those who wait
There were only three people serving and cooking which proved to be quite slow as they prepared each dish fresh. However, it was great to see the great care and detail they put into each order which comes with the Masterchef name.
No sign of Masterchef contestants but these guys were just as good.
So first up, the Pulled Pork Bun. I watched the episode that featured this bun and I won't lie, even seeing it on screen it made me salivate, so when I saw it as a menu item I knew I had to have it.

The bun was soft and the saucy pulled pork was full of flavour and melt-in-your-mouth. The cabbage coleslaw it sat on was also very delicious and added some much needed texture and tartness. The overall dish was one of the best on the menu however the abundance of the pork sauce and cabbage sauce made the bun soggy. 7/10

Pulled Pork Bun $6: Rare moment for me to find that a dish had  too much sauce
The next thing I was keen to try was the Maple Syrup Glazed Bacon Hot Dog. This was definitely not your average hot dog, I mean, there were two sausages! Besides that, the cucumber was a little strange but provided some 'cool' familiarity within the more adventurous sweet and salty flavours of the combination. The sauce was probably the highlight of the whole thing. 6/10

Maple Syrup Glazed Hot Dog $5: No doubt, this indulgent hotdog was inspired by Americans
Lastly, I had the Challenge Burger, which had a soft bun, thick Wagyu patty, lettuce, tomato and onion. Unfortunately, after comparing with my friend's burger, they were a little stingy with my sauce so it had absorbed into the bun. This proved to detract from the taste of the burger as the patty was quite dry also. It seemed a waste to mince up Wagyu and turn it into a patty but the sheer thickness of it made up for that. The chips that they served were good but nothing that you couldn't find at any fast food outlet. 6/10

Vern's Challenge Burger $6 and Fries $2.50: WHERE'S THE SAUCE?
There was no more chocolate mousse by the time we had reached the counter to my dismay. I was really looking forward to trying it.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at the Eat Art Truck. The chefs were working very well under the pressures of a long queue of hungry students and the prices offered for the quality of food were out of this world. If only they had put on more of that delicious sauce onto my burger I would've been a happy chappy.
Rating: 6.5/10

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