Gordon's Cafe: My First Taste of Eggs Benedict on a Cold Melbourne Morning

With goosebumps on my arms I was fervently searching for a breakfast place to warm me up on my last morning in Melbourne. Walking down Little Collins Street, I knew I had to try a cafe that offered Eggs Benedict because my best friend has been raving that I have to try it.

I walked into Gordon's simply because it had Eggs Benedict on the menu and I wanted to get out of the cold. I ordered a Skim Latte which definitely warmed me up and that I enjoyed a lot. 9/10

Skim Latte $4: Warmth and Creaminess! (on an un-foodie related note, the decor needs
 an update to match the look of the other cafes on that street)

My boyfriend ordered the Full English Breakfast which included eggs, bacon, sausage , grilled tomato , mushrooms and toast. I guess he must have been hungry! It came out looking like something I could have cooked easily at home as a hangover cure. The bacon was well cooked with the thin strips being crisp and the larger slices having a softer texture. Everything else on the plate was not amazing. The sausages tasted like the ones you get in Coles on special. 5/10
Full English Breakfast $14.50: I'm sure it would be a great hangover brekky but... we weren't hungover
 And now the piece de resistance... my Eggs Benedict! I was not exactly impressed when this came out on a huge white plate. The sauce looked like they had to be stingy with it which disappointed me because I love me some sauce. The sauce I found to be quite watery and frothy which made my hopes for this popular breakfast dish falter. The grilled ham was soft and could have been cooked in a microwave for one minute for all I know. However, the actual eggs were nice because the yolk was just runny which is how I like it. 5/10

Eggs Benedict $12.50: My first - disappointing
Overall, Gordon's Cafe did not stand out amongst the breakfast cafes in Melbournes. I won't be returning too soon.
Rating: 5/10

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