Lord of the Fries: This time, I'm Piggy

I'm going to put it out there. I'm a huge sucker for fries. When that fryer starts crackling and chicken salt is in the air, you'll find me there. I'm also a sucker for any type of word play so combining fries and a literary pun gives Lord of the Fries the ability to make me jump up and down happily before I've even had a bite.

So when I was in Melbourne I took the opportunity to buy their famous fries. They are advertised to be hand cut with the skins left on and double fried to ensure the right crunch (and we all know how important crunch is in a hot chip). I ordered a cone (medium) of Fries with their Garlic Aioli Mayo which the server said was one of the most popular sauces.

When I was handed the fries, I felt quite surprised by how decadent the sauce actually is. The fries also looked a lot paler than I expected which translated to the fact that they weren't as crispy as the golden ones you usually see. The double frying almost gives it an extra layer on the outside, almost like a batter, which I hadn't experienced before but quite enjoyed. The sauce was extremely rich and only a dash on each chip is needed for the full creamy hit. Some tang was needed to make it more pleasant and the garlic flavour was only a hint. More garlic in the sauce would have been tasty but probably difficult for people who don't have chewing gum at hand! 

Medium Fries with Garlic Aioli Mayo $4.95: Your mouth is watering, isn't it?
Overall, Lord of the Fries was quite tasty and I am keen to try the fries with all the other sauces including Spicy Chilli Mayo and Spicy Mango Chutney Sour Cream.
There's one opening in Sydney CBD (537 George Street ) so there's my chance!
Rating: 6/10

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