Cafe D'or: Oh Kebaby

I do not often get to enjoy Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine which is a shame because I really love their delicious food. If you have only had the odd kebab from the store around the corner or the midnight kebab after a night out, please do yourself a favour and check out a restaurant like Cafe D'or.
Lemon, Lime and Bitters $4.50: Delicious
My friend was not feeling well so she ordered this small dish and when it came out I thought it looked adorable. Their homous is smooth and well flavoured which was great to have with the flavour packed mince. 7/10
Homous with Minced Meat $15.90
I ordered this monster of a dish and was very satisfied at the end. First, I have to mention their amazing garlic sauce. The little angelic white sauce was probably the best I've ever had. Yes, even better than El Jannah's famous sauce. I could no get enough of it and my friend bought some to bring home with her. The two skewers were delicious especially when dipped in with the homous and garlic sauce, and the fatoush was fresh and brought a great healthy touch to the meal. 8/10
A skewer of Kafta & Shish Taook, served with a side of homous and fatoush $15.90
The kebab was very enjoyable with tender pieces of meat but nothing highlighted it from ones you could buy from around Sydney. The one thing that I really remembered from this dish were the chips. They were amazing! 6/10
Shish Kebab $12.90
Overall, I found Cafe D'or to be very friendly with great food. I was left feeling very full after I had cleared my plate and my friend was very happy to have left with some of their delicious garlic sauce. I would be keen to try out their dinner menu with friends in the future. 
Rating: 7.5/10

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