I'm Angus Steakhouse: A Meatlovers' Mediocre Dream

I'm Angus Steakhouse was the venue of a good friends' birthday and the promise of meat was very encouraging. First things first. After we ordered it took almost an hour for our dishes to arrive. That was a definite downer on the night and we tried our best to excuse it due to the dinner rush however seeing tables that came after us being served was disheartening.

I ordered the Pork Cutlet which came on a sweet pea risotto and granny smith apple jus. One of my favourite flavour combinations are pork and apple so I knew I had to order this. By the time my dish was put in front of me I was starving so I tore straight into it. The risotto was very creamy and the sweet peas were delicious. The pork itself was not as succulent as I would have hoped but it was complemented perfectly with the jus. Sadly, I was not feeling satisfied after finishing this dish despite also having garlic bread as an entree. 7/10

"Darling Downs" Pork Cutlet $32: Wanted more pork on my fork
 The Marinated Chicken was served on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes and tomato confit. The chicken was succulent and the herbs really permeated the dish. The garlic and mashed potato was also a great accompaniment with the chicken with the tomato allowing for some tang to cut through the robust flavours. 7/10

Marinated Chicken Breast $29: You can never go wrong with chicken 
 The healthiest dish of the night had to be the Atlantic Salmon Fillet which was served with a serving of greek salad. The salmon was very well cooked and the gremalata was delicious with it giving it an extra flavour of parsley and garlic. The greek salad itself was lacklustre and did not tie in the actual salmon except that it was healthy and fresh. 6.5/10 

Grilled Atlantic Salmon Fillet $34:  Fresh, light and healthy 
 The monster that was the Giant Pork Ribs was a favourite order amongst the boys. The saucy ribs were delicious with the boys eating them down to the bone in minutes. The meat on the ribs fell off the bone and was very well marinated with a dominant sweet and sour flavour. The thick cut chips were also crispy and golden and was the perfect accompaniment to this dish. 7.5/10
Giant Pork Ribs Full Rack $46: A cavemanish yet delicious dish
Overall, I did not entirely enjoy my time at I'm Angus. The wait for the food was the dominant downfall of this restaurant and the serving sizes left us feeling unsatisfied. I would not recommend this place and I think you would be better off eating at Hurricanes.
Rating: 6.5/10

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